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PMT (USA) LLC provides a broad range of products and services for the Aerospace Industry.  For cleanroom monitoring we provide a complete range of products from portable particle counters to fully automated Facility Monitoring Systems covering a spectrum of contamination parameters.  PMT has a team of skilled engineers who can assist in the design, specification and installation of state of the art hardware to help insure that manufacturing and assembly occur in a suitable clean environment.

Detect and Control Foreign Object Debris

PMT is at the forefront of instrumentation for monitoring FOD (Foreign Object Debris), Large Particle Deposition and automated Witness Plate Monitoring. Whether it is a continuous monitoring system for FOD in compliance with ISO 14644-9 or an inspection tool for cleaning validation, PMT has an array of innovative solutions for large particle contamination in cleanrooms and work environments. PMT can help to insure that cleaning methods are adequate and cleanroom practices are preventing the generation of FOD and Large particles in manufacturing processes or pre-launch preparations.

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